Senior Services of Belmont County

Services are made possible in part by funds generated through Belmont County's Senior Services levies, federal Title III and PASSPORT programs through the Area Agency on Aging - Region 9, as well as donations from those we serve.

Requests for donations are required for services offered through Title III programs. Services are never denied to those who are unable to contribute. Donations are not accepted from residents receiving services through the PASSPORT or Waiver programs.

To be eligible for services, residents must:

• Be at least 60 years of age
• Reside in Belmont County and not be a resident of a nursing home
• Demonstrate a need for services

Assessments will be conducted to determine each applicant's program eligibility.

For general information on SSOBC,
call (740) 695-4142 or toll free 1-800-200-0320

Transportation services, call 740-695-6868

Senior Services of Belmont County, Ohio
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