Bethesda Center
118 South Main Street
Box 243
Bethesda, Ohio 43719

Phone: 740-484-1416
Fax: 740-484-1416

Center Van Cell Phone:

Hours of Operation:
8:00am - 2:00pm
Monday thru Friday

Sue Hines, Center Director

Bill Mead, President
Sally Lynn, Vice President
Wilma Thompson , Secretary
Ruth Bettis, Assistant Secretary
Marge Green, Treasurer
Linda Lucas, Cards

Dessie Roby
Ralph Lucas
Faye Van Horne
Ramona Byers
Carol Burchettee

Hostess for August
Bill Mead and
Shirley Chappell

Welcome New Members
Jess Lucas

Call Us!
Call us for your Birthdays, Family Reunions, Baby Showers, etc. We rent out our center. Please Call Marge Green at the Center for more information.

Senior Services of Belmont County, Ohio
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